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Eastern Tibet

On the footsteps of Alexandra David Néel

Located on the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau, the Kham region is one of the three traditional provinces of Tibet (with Ü-Tsang and Amdo).

A land of warriors, robbers and Lamas, the Kham has long remained mysterious and rebellious, its inhabitants (Khampa) were reputed to be ferocious soldiers, and excellent horsemen. In the early 20th century, the famous French explorer and travel writer, Alexandra David Néel, crossed the Kham region disguised as a beggar during her 2000km long trip to reach the then forbidden city of Lhasa, and all the way to India. Even today Kham remains wild and remote, with its vast, high altitude plateaus and high mountains populated by 2 million inhabitants, many of them still nomads.

From Chengdu, the route will take you across the Kham region, to reach the monastery of Dzokchen, then Derge, capital of one of the most powerful ancient Tibetan kingdoms. We will then depart from Pelpung for a 9 days  trek, through mountains, passes and valleys... to finally reach sacred lake Yilhun Lha-tso.

Find out more on this extraordinary trip to Tibet and our next departure!

eastern tibet


Closed to foreign tourist until relatively recently, the Kingdom of Bhutan remains unspoiled and a travel dream for many. 


Even now, open yet careful, Bhutan feels somehow out of reach — yet it’s not. Trekking with us in Bhutan, you will hike through stunning valleys and across rugged high passes, visit isolated villages and explore the countless dzongs (fortresses) and tiny Buddhist monasteries that dot the landscape.

Solvitur Ambulando operates two distinct treks in Bhutan, combined in one destination. Jumolhari trek is the most enchanting adventure trek in the Himalayas. This 8 days route will take you to the base of the Jumolhari, the second highest peak in Bhutan. The Dagala “Thousand Lake” trek is off the beaten track. This five-day trek takes you into an area adorned with a multitude of picturesque and enchanting lakes.


Along these two trekking routes you will experience Bhutan in its truly wild beauty with close up views of the snow-capped mountains.


Sailing and hiking in the Lofoten Islands

One week sailing and hiking on board a fully equipped and serviced two masts steel ketch. Enjoy the beauty and particular atmosphere of the Lofoten Islands and the endless day under the midnight sun.

Lofoten is the ultimate sail & trek destination with its immense white sand beaches, small ports with brightly coloured houses nestling deep in tiny fjords, mountain lakes, tumultuous waterfalls, breath-taking snow-capped mountains, all bathed in the northern light. The wide range of landscapes, the ever-present sea and mountains as well as the purity of the light are unique in the world.

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Often known for its beaches and touristic resorts, Mallorca is also a paradise for hikers. The dramatic and varied landscape lends itself to countless walks through rocky gorges, lush valleys, and coastal pathways – rewarding walkers with brilliant views.


Dominating the north coast of the island of Majorca, the Serra Tramuntana stretches over 90km. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Serra Tramuntana is an invitation to walk through beautiful wild landscapes, between azure sea and mountains, olive and almond groves, and splendid "posesiones", these large traditional agricultural estates of Majorca. 


The itinerary of this magnificent hike between sea and mountains follows the chain of Serra Tramuntana, from Sant Elm at its southeastern end to the beach of Sa Calobra and the monumental site of the Pareis torrent.

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