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Solvitur Ambulando” is a Latin phrase that literally translates as “it is solved by walking“. It is said that Diogenes, the Greek Philosopher, used it to prove the reality of the concept of motion. Metaphorically, this means walking helps us find the solution.

Whether a short stroll, hike with friends or more demanding trek, walking brings multiple benefits, not just a healthy walk. At Solvitur Ambulando, we believe that hiking or trekking can actually help resolve or heal all sorts of questions and problems. It brings peace of mind and creates the space for the brain to work things out. Ultimately, walking helps us find solutions and answers to many of the day to day issues vexing us, as much as the more challenging situations that we inevitably face in life.

Everything can be solved by walking!

Our philosophy
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There’s nothing more satisfying and refreshing than spending time in the wilderness with nothing but your back pack.

From quiet moments of self reflection, invigorating sights and challenging yourself in nature, hiking provides many benefits. It’s good for the mind, body and soul ! 

Solvitur Ambulando’s approach to hiking combines the adventure feel, with a love for outdoor and mountains, and a contemplative relationship to wilderness and landscapes.

We take pride in making the mountain accessible and adapting our treks to all range of clients. Hiking with us, you will explore new territories, and get a powerful sense of fulfillment, calmness and joy !

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In winter, mountains and forests are enchanted places. The silence and solitude are truly healing.


Snowshoeing is accessible to all and a wonderful way to experience the Winter Magic.


We offer half and full day outings in the Jura and the Alps, as well as overnight in mountain huts. Don't miss the winter specials such as full moon hiking, igloo building, and the traditional fondue!

Check out our next outing or contact us to set a date!



get tired, get dirty but be happy

Wilderness is a marvelous place for youth to discover, learn and play!


Solvitur Ambulando offers special outings for schools and youth groups promoting nature and environment education, through skill focused activity, fun and adventure!

Offers include Wednesday afternoon activities, thematicouting for schools, and youth camps during school holidays.


Contact us for more info!



Do you want you and your group to get out of the office, immersed in the wild, and experience something memorable and invigorating while building team dynamics?

Julien understands team dynamics, and applies knowledge from his extensive professional experience in brokering successful partnerships. For over 20 years, he managed large scale development and emergency programmes around the globe, assembling and motivating teams of professionals. 

Depending on your objectives, options to choose from include short and easy ramble, more challenging outing, to several days retreat in the mountain... We provide the environment and take care of the logistics, as much as the fun activities!

Contact us to discuss your need and explore options!

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