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Originally from Montpellier, south of France, Julien always maintained a powerful relationship to the territories and landscapes of the Languedoc region. And even though he grew up and lived elsewhere in France and around the world, dry scrub-land, vineyards, and limestone causses always appeal to him as Home!

On the Languedoc plain, nature has remained unchanged. Time drifts slowly by, in the shady little alleyways of picturesque villages, lulled by the sounds of Cigales! Through the heat-haze on the distant hillsides, you will glimpse landscapes that offer a perfect transition between the cooling breeze of the nearby Mediterranean coast and the mountains overlooking the region! 

On a stage of Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage or through the Pic St Loup vineyards, at the foot of Cévennes or on Causse du Larzac, wind your way along Haut Languedoc footpaths and enjoy the evenings with a good glass of wine!

In Vino Veritas...

Hiking and wine tasting at Pic St Loup

20km north of Montpellier, the Pic Saint-Loup and Hortus Causse form a picturesque and geologically surprising landscape that has become a favourite for hiking around Montpellier.


Located between the Mediterranean and the Cevennes, this legendary valley is also home to one of the most interesting Languedoc terroirs. 

Over a long weekend discover the Pic Saint-Loup wine in all its splendor by experiencing this classic hike of the region before tasting the wines of this special wine area ! 

Check out below for our next weekend in the vineyards or contact us to set up a date !

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St Guilhem Trails

From Cévennes mountain
to Mediterranean Sea

Situated in the southern part of Massif Central, the Saint Guilhem trail crosses Aubrac plateau, the “Causses” and Cevennes, and stretches all the way to the Mediterranean sea. Listed in UNESCO world heritage these spacious territories remain unspoiled. 

Originally the trail was a seasonal sheep migration. It was also a commercial route between the coastal planes of Montpellier and the great markets of Le Vigan and Cévennes and then became part of the network of pilgrim trails linking Rome to Compostelle. 


The southern leg of the trail from "Cévennes to the sea" will take you over 3-5 days from Le Vigan to Cirque de Navacelle, the Herault Valley, all the way to the medieval village of St Guilhem le Désert and its famous Cloister.

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